Trench, leather, military jackets, and what not

Many ladies wonder what jackets will be in vogue this winter and later on in spring. This article is devoted to tendencies in the world of outdoor wear for women. Every year something new is introduced in fashion. Even though it’s fair in the coming year, we will witness a comeback of popular tendencies of previous seasons as well as innovative ones such as accents on fur and quite eccentric, bright models.

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Warm winter jackets are an ideal choice for the cold weather whereas lighter long blazer jackets for women with touches of grace and aristocracy are perfect for spring. In general, all outwear patterns are saturated with geometric elements and minimalistic preferences (for instance, one-color jackets that win women thanks to separate parts in terms of shape, texture and embroidery).

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The most popular models of a new season are loose fit patterns, retro style samples, and straight silhouette jackets with English collars or without them.

Trench coats

A trench coat remains an unarguable trend in the nearest 2014 seasons. It’s a classical item of women’s wardrobe so if you’ve bought one from the newest collections before looking through this post, be sure your purchase is a good deal.

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I don’t know if I should even remind you what a long leather jacket for women means in vogue. A leather piece is just a must in each closet and one more tendency in designer collections for the next year.

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Military jackets

Military outwear has been popular with outstanding brands for several years now. Army silhouettes, uniforms, khaki colors and two-row buttons are vital parts of this style. The best way to match strictness of such jackets is to wear feminine items underneath. Alternatively, take a look at Scotch check work or striped long jacket suits for women if you by them to fit an office dress code. If you go to work by car, such kind of clothes is even more convenient because you will not be overheated and, together with that, will feel comfy while driving.

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In addition to listed above tendencies, designers call our attention to retro style coats from the 20-s, the 40-s and the 60-s. So even if you put on a normal long jean jacket for women that features peculiar attributes of outdoor clothes 2014, you will not look like a black sheep. It’s merely a way to express your identity, and fashion experts provide a wide range of alternative options to fit all and sundry. 

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