Leather sandals for men – three looks

With hot weather heating everything outside, it’s getting crucial to stay off heavy winter sweaters and warm boots, and replace them with lightweight textures. Sometimes we even miss cool winter, but each season has its precious feelings.

There is no use in trying to combat with rising Celsius so let’s concentrate our thoughts and minds on creating optimum menswear styles.

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Summer sandals for men are not your way to go if you like wearing socks or prefer Velcro-strapped pairs. Regarded as feminine and refined, this kind of footwear is easily dismissed by many males, although throughout high summer they perform their cooling out function pretty skillfully.

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Wearing styles: why are men’s sandals good enough?

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First of all, let’s figure out your summer preferences in terms of vogue. If you are offered comfort, nicety, imposing looks, what would you pick? You know, neat sandals are a real way out in case you can’t decide on your ultimate style. When it’s too hot outside, men’s leather sandals are definitely comfier that flip-flops and more harmoniously looking than espadrilles.

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They are light and thin, and you will surely find some place for them in your bag while going to a barbeque party.  Nevertheless, I’d not recommend you to wear them without adjusting the whole silhouette to a common style, otherwise even the best leather sandals for men will make you feel awkward.

Look one: Street Casual

Comfort is the very first trait every man hunts for when it’s almost impossible to walk in the street in something more than a cotton top and linen shorts. Yet comfort doesn’t mean you have to neglect basic rules of dressing well.

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As an alternative, consider navy sandals with light blue trousers (their breaks shouldn’t trail at the bottom) and some lightweight fabric top. Of course, you can diversify your image with more classical black, brown or white leather sandals for men, but I’m not sure this choice will help you get separated from others in the crowd.

Look two: Holiday chic

Transform your everyday look with a touch of holiday by picking neutral sandals (for instance, brown), a knitted cotton short-sleeve shirt or a light polo, in which you can start your holiday on the beach and end somewhere in the restaurant.

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Look three: Semi-casual

Arguably, the best thing you can do by means of leather sandals when you need to form a more or less formal image is pairing them with a short suit pattern. It’s advisable to pay attention to colors.

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Your future suit has to be of some catchy color solution, for instance, brick red or lemon-green. Put on a smart short-sleeve shirt underneath your jacket to quickly turn your appearance into off-duty one with just one movement. To the contrary, upon choosing the best sandals for men for this semi-casual piece, forget about colorful footwear. Brown or black sandals of varying fashions are the case.


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    You can’t go wrong with Birkenstocks. The Birkenstock Milano is my choice for a great looking leather sandal, combined with unbelievable comfort and durability.

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