Blonde hair color ideas – 10 amazing colors.

Blondes are hot and they like to have fun! If it can be applied to you, so you are a real blonde. There are lots of different golden hues for you to choose and if you are not a natural blonde, never dye your hair blond by yourself or you risk to get into a real trouble, especially if you have your  first experience.

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There are lots of different blonde hair color ideas for you to try. If you are really interested in blond colors you know that there are lots of different tones of blond color – starting with classy honey blondes, strawberry, platinum blondes, and dark blondes, etc. Which of them to choose? It depends on different things – your style, your character and hair condition.

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Anyway, you are suggested to study the following rating of hair color ideas for cute blondes:

  • Vanilla blonde – lets you look the same baby blonde like famous Michelle Williams. Professional colorists suggest touching up your hair roots every three weeks. Your personal colorist will make a bright golden hue with some pale highlights.
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  • Blush Blonde. It is good for womwn with fair skin like of Emma Stone. If you want the same result, you can use a strawberry toner between your salon visits.
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  • Rose Gold. The nowaday’s color of Blake Lively. Colorists mix golden, apricot and honey hues to create this cute multidimensional color. Ivory highlights are used around the front to brighten your face. Frequent using of conditioning masks is recommended.
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  • Buttery Blonde. It will suit you, if you are a blonde with brown eyes just like Carrie Underwood, you need to buid a kind of dimension from the roots. Only a professional colorist can do it.
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  • Sun-Kissed Stereaks. It is a gently hand-painting style for  those brunettes who want to have a blond color experience.Just take a look at Jennifer Lawrence after her The Hunger Games. The balayage technique requires skill. Your colorist has to be experienced in this technique, so make sure he is.
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  • Sandy Blonde. If you saw Rachel McAdams, this is her color – the balance of cool highlights and some golden hue. This is the combination of the bright blonde and depth. The color should be kept slightly rooty – touch up the color every month.
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  • Caramel Highlights. This is just for you if you eager to have darker skin tones. The  cute blonde highlights can brighten your face. Don’t go too much light. a good example is Keri Hilson.
  • Grown-out Blonde. Gisele Bündchen’s coclor – the result of her roots getting darker. This variant is very good for you of you are growing out your highlighten hair.
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  • Bronde. This color is used to be called ‘dishwater blonde’ by your mom but it looks great on Taylor Swift and is called ‘Victoria’s Secret’ color by colorists. This color is the hardest to get and can even be accepted as brunet.

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So you choose your  own hair color ideas blonde!

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