Menswear tendencies for winter 2013-2014. Men’s black skinny jeans.

It’s not a secret that modern men reveal considerable interest in fashion, especially because designers introduce some new and non-trivial ideas in vogue every season. Menswear 2013-2014 offers a lot of interesting and style items of clothes for representatives of a strong sex.


In terms of overclothes, the preference is given to men’s jackets. Actually, it’s nothing special given the fact that it’s the most universal item of outdoor clothes. Fashion authorities suggest males to wear long, elegant jackets over classical dress suits or, alternatively, with a sweater and men’s black skinny jeans. In case someone doesn’t want to be like the rest in the crowd, one can opt for a reefing jacket.

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One more important detail is that this winter men can play with colors. Apart from ordinary warm gray, black or brown outwear pieces, violet, cornflower blue and light red jackets are top trends while it is cold outside. On the contrary, everything remains as it’s been before concerning pants and jeans.

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Universal and comfy items of menswear, black skinny jeans men still choose to dress will be available on shelves of clothes stores. The trendiest cuts include full-length ultra skinny or Capri jeans of subdued hues (traditional black, brown and gray).

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One more trend typical for winter 2013-2014 fashion in men’s clothes is leather pieces. Luxurious natural leather wear never comes out of vogue. This winter men will be willing to buy leather jackets, pants, shirts, shoes, and bags. Guys, who want to be extraordinary, can look for leather black super skinny jeans men wear together with textured crocodile or snake accessories like bags and bracelets.

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Upper wear

No wonder why winter collections, especially Lanvin’s and Lucas Ossendrijver’s ones, pair men black skinny jeans with polo necks or even wear the latter underneath classical suits. One excuse why they do it is their great warming properties, plus they help stay off plain looks.

men black skinny jeans

men black skinny jeans

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In a word, this winter fashion is ideal for males who like to look casual everywhere, be it office or informal meetings, and would rather put on black skinny jeans, men’s kind, than wear a far from stylish classical suit from expected dress fabrics.

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