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So you want to refresh your looks but still afraid to dye your hair? Surely, you have heard about such thing as semi permanent hair color. So what is semi permanent hair color? It is actually a hair color but with smaller molecules than those of regular dyes. Such semi permanent colors penetrate your hair shaft only partially that’s why the color will be washed out in about a few weeks. Such hair dyes do not contain or contain very low levels of a developer and that’s whyu it is not so dangerous for fragile or damaged hair.

semi permanent hair color

Semi permanent hair color brands are different. Needless to say that all producers of hair colors have their own semi-colors as well. These are L’Oreal, Garnier, Bigen, Clairol, Revlon and many others. You are suggested to read the reviews on the sites, blogs and  get to know what real people write about their experience with dyes and semi-permanents.

Or, maybe it is better to have your first hair coloring at a beauty salon?

Your first time hair coloring, you may be done with L’Oreal semi permanent hair color. There is a newly created Diarichesse ammonia-free semi permanent ammonia-free color. It was specially formulated for the best shine and saving hair condition after dying.

best semi permanent hair color

Famous Bigen semi permanent hair color is also Hydrogen Peroxide and Ammonia free. It provides long-lasting color with its gentle and oil-rich formula which nourishes and moisturizes hair with honey, sunflower oil, beeswax. This semi permanent is safe for all types of hair including relaxed and chemically treated. You will get your hair shiny, beautiful and soft with perfect hair coverage.

Bigen gives this semi-color available in bright colors.

semi permanent hair color brands

Clairol semi permanent hair color created its own collection of beautiful colors. Get a really indulgent color boost with no hair damage. Clairol semi-permanents give you hair 45% more shine and provides intense gray hair coverage. You can choose among 15 color shades which formula is enriched with jojoba oil, aloe vera and vitamin E.

You may also start with Garnier Semi permanent hair color. It will  wash out and your hair will return gradually to the natural color..

what is semi permanent hair color

Ion semi permanent hair color is designed to give boldly intense and vivid results. It contains no Peroxide or Ammonia, ready to use and gives you a really intense hair color. The semi permanent can be applied to natural, colored or pre-lightened hair.

best semi permanent hair color brand

How to remove semi permanent hair color? It is not a problem as we have internet and professional salons. You will see it’s possible to do it with lemon juice, vitamin C, vinegar or simple washing. But after such experiments you will surely find your  best semi permanent hair color.

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