Disney blue princess dresses

Being small girls, many of us dreamt about getting married to a prince. No doubt that the source of imagination was fairy tales we would read, hear, or watch in cartoons. But what wedding can we talk about without a magic dress?

Every girl probably has her own favorite fairy princess, and once a cartoon was over, she would want the same dress as Sleeping Beauty, Tiana, or Cinderella was wearing. Surprisingly, quite many of them were featured in blue princess dresses, even though blue is regarded as a color of sadness…

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21-th century designers and Disney dresses’ theme

Girls grew up, different princes showed up in their minds, but a cherished dress remained. A magic wand touched a great designer Alfred Angelo, and he arose to make a Disney-like collection of princess dresses. One thing to be mentioned is that he’s changed a color of an original light blue princess dress to offer more up-to-date and wearable fashions.  Like this one:

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I must say that Angelo is not the online fashion involved man to be grasped by Disney dresses topic. Christie’s auction house will also offer dress lots created by some famous designers (Versace, Escada, Oscar de Renta, etc.) themed on stories of an established cartoon studio. Again Cinderella’s dress by Versace now wears a light golden dress with a skirt of a complex cut.


Although I doubt girls can afford some of Christie’s lots (the starting price is $5,000), none forbids them using these original ideas to bring to life custom-made blue princess prom dresses. In case some of you can’t cut out a dress for a prom on your own, don’t hesitate to visit a tailor’s shop.

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Original cartoon-based blue dresses

Among others shown in blue, such princesses as Sleeping Beauty (Aurora), Belle, Jasmin, and Tiana are recalled as being dressed in what we now know as a princess dress. Whereas kids normally admire cartoon characters equally much, I’d remind you about two casually chosen fashions of princess Tiana dress and princess Aurora blue dress (the latter can be either pink or blue, whichever you like more).

Tiana’s ball story runs as…

She spills a tray of beignets onto herself and spoils her clothes, that’s why she puts on Charlote’s ball outfit, a glittering blue dress with an open back accessorized with a traditional tiara (later on known as princess Tiana blue dress).

For an up-to-day gown, I’d choose a blue mini open-back dress inspired by princess Tiana blue dress costume with a necklace resembling a tiara:


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